Real-Life Immersive Escape Rooms

Fauna's Lamp

Fauna's Lamp

Duration: 60min
Max Capacity: 6
Difficulty: 4

A team of archaeologists stumbles upon a magic genie lamp, but as they start investigating the artifact, the genie becomes enraged that her sleep has been disturbed. In her anger, she imprisons the explorers inside the lamp for all eternity unless they can discover three wishes and free themselves. They must accomplish this before the sun sets.  Can you locate the wishes and free yourself, or will you remain trapped in the lamp forever?


Challenge rooms, or escape rooms as they are often referred to, are an interactive form of entertainment that focuses on communication, teamwork, and critical thinking.  Players are divided into groups and placed in a closed chamber, and then provided with a series of puzzles and logical challenges to solve within a time limit.  Once all the puzzles are solved, the room is solved and the players have “escaped.”

All Paradox games are family-friendly entertainment, although the puzzles are geared toward adults and older teens.  The games focus on social interaction, critical thinking, and teamwork, and are not designed to be frightening.  A room might be dark, for instance, but it is intended for an immersive effect and not to frighten.

There are no age requirements, and the entire family is welcome to play.  Paradox games are appropriate for all ages, although we do recommend 12 and up.

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Generally, advance bookings are final and non-refundable, although we might be able to reschedule your group into a different time slot if you have a conflict.  However, if you think there is a possibility that your group might not be able to make your appointment, we do offer cancellation protection for a small fee as an option when you make your reservation.  Please note that if you choose the protection, each member of your group would need to purchase it.

Absolutely!  We offer private booking options by appointment, and we have a meeting room available for birthday cake or board meetings.  Please contact us for private booking information.

tupelo room 3

$24.95 /person


Our family had SO much fun! Very well done and very challenging!! You’ve got to try it for yourself!

Ashley A.


This was me and my boyfriend and two friends first time ever doing an escape room. It was really fun and I will definitely be going back. Y’all are doing an amazing job. We enjoyed it 100 percent.

– Gretchen J.

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