1,000 Feet Down

Oh no, there’s been a tunnel collapse on Level 8! Do you have what it takes to get down to the control room, repair the ventilation system, and rescue the trapped miners before the air runs out?

1,000 Feet Down is Paradox’s newest, most realistic, and most technologically advanced game ever. Representing a new generation of fully automated, self-resetting games that have previously only been possible at high-end amusement venues, 1,000 Feet Down is a first for the consumer escape room industry. Its unique 3-chamber design allows for high throughput operation, meaning that you can have multiple groups in different chambers at the same time.By utilizing all the multi-chamber features, you can increase throughput by up to 50%. That means more return on investment and more cash on hand.

Designed to be a fully automated experience with minimal game master intervention, 1,000 Feet Down provides automated, progressive hints based on game flow milestones. If players don’t meet the milestones in the allotted time, the hints become progressively more detailed to keep the game moving along. This serves a dual purpose – it prevents players from becoming frustrated when they get stuck, leading to a more positive experience, and also keeps the game moving so that the throughput level is maintained. Paradox’s unique collision avoidance technology means that groups will never run up on each other.

1,000 Feet Down is available in both brick-and-mortar and mobile versions. Contact us for a quote today!

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