Control Software

One of Paradox’s most significant technological achievements is our cutting-edge control software that uses state-of-the-art software platforms and languages, such as clojure. Unlike most control software in the escape game industry today, Paradox software is built on a fully standalone model, meaning it does not require an Internet connection to function. That means that if you take one of our mobile games where there is no WiFi or if the Internet connection at your brick-and-mortar location goes down, you can continue to function normally. There are also no monthly subscription fees, so you buy it once and you are done!

Our control software uses a clean, full-featured HTML interface that you can access easily from any device with a web browser. That might be a tablet, a phone, a laptop, or other device such as a Raspberry Pi or even a desktop computer. Every Paradox game comes with a Raspberry Pi for controlling the game, but most people prefer to use a tablet or phone for convenience. You can see the exact status of every prop in the game, and if necessary, solve or reset individual props during game play.

Currently, Paradox control software is not sold as a standalone product until such time as we can develop a user-friendly back end configuration tool for it. However, it is robust and flexible enough for just about any application, and so if you are interested in deploying Paradox software for one of your games or attractions, contact us today and let’s see what we can do for you!

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