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Escape rooms are like movie theaters. We all know that they get stale with the customer after a while and have to be changed out every now and then. Because we understand this, we will frequently help our clients sell or trade products they have purchased from us in the past when the time comes. This page is a marketplace for our clients to buy, sell, and trade used Paradox products.

1,000 Feet Down, 22+2V Mobile

$69,950 $55,000 OBO
All offers considered

This is a very lightly-used mobile game in like-new condition, manufactured in late 2018 and recently given a factory refurbish at our facility in Tupelo. This trailer is 24′ long (including V-neck) manufatured in steel and insulated, and weighs in at approximately 7,000 lbs with front and rear stabilizers and two thermostat controlled A/C units. It can be towed short distances around town with a 1/2 ton pickup, but it needs a 3/4 ton pickup for safe highway travel. This trailer’s purchase price includes a Honda EU7000is portable gasoline-powered generator, valued at $4,500. The design has doors for customer ingress and egress to chambers 1 and 3, and one door to the game master control room. All doors have steel steps for safe access that can be folded away and concealed for travel. A custom wrap for your business is negotiable.

As with all versions of 1,000 Feet down, the game features Paradox’s special 3-chamber design for high throughput and is fully self-resetting. The game features automatic progressive hints and promotion algorithms keep the game moving along smoothly to maintain throughput and prevent players from becoming frustrated.  Each group resets for the next, so there is generally no need for game master intervention.

This game would list new for $79,950 without the generator or any extras. Contact us today and make an offer on this unbelievable game!

Spy Catcher (Surveillance), Dual Configuration, 28ft


This is a used, one-owner game that was manufactured in late 2017 for a client in Atlanta. It’s in a 28ft insulated aluminum Haulmark trailer with two roof-mounted A/C units, stabilizers, and a self-contained diesel generator with electric start. This one is fully loaded, folks. It’s also big and heavy, so it needs at least a 3/4 ton pickup to pull, and we recommend a 1 ton.

This particular installation is fully decked out with two complete games for the price of one. Players can choose between Washington and Moscow versions of the game, although game play is identical in both, and they can be run either separately or in head-to-head competition. It also features the “Surveillance” version of the game, which is cosmetically outfitted to resemble a high-tech government surveillance van. Each side can hold 6-8 people, giving an hourly throughput of up to 16.

This game configuration in this particular trailer would list new for $84,950. Contact us today to make an offer on this steal of a deal!

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